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Priests from throughout the Archdiocese of Toronto Gather for the Chrism Mass

Posted : Mar-27-2024

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The annual Chrism Mass, at which Archbishop Francis Leo presides, typically takes place on the Tuesday of Holy Week. The Mass brings together hundreds of priests from throughout the archdiocese and provides them the opportunity to renew their priestly vows and affirm their closeness to the archbishop. At the Chrism Mass, the archbishop also blesses the Holy Oils that will be used over the next year in numerous sacramental celebrations. For it is with the sacred Chrism consecrated by the archbishop that the newly baptized are anointed and those to be confirmed are signed. It is with the Oil of Catechumens that catechumens are prepared and disposed for Baptism. Finally, it is with the Oil of the Sick that those who are ill are comforted in their infirmity. We give thanks and pray for all of our spiritual shepherds as well as those who will receive the Holy Oils over the coming year.



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