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Pope Francis on Solemnity of All Saints: “Holiness is a Gift and a Journey”

Posted : Nov-01-2023

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Pope Francis addressed the faithful pilgrims gathered in Saint Peter’s Square at midday Wednesday, on the Solemnity of All Saints, and spoke about holiness as a gift from God, and as a journey.

“Holiness is a gift from God which we have received with Baptism: if we let it grow, it can completely change our life,” the Holy Father said. “Saints are not unreachable or distant heroes, but people like us, our friends, whose starting point is the same gift we have received: Baptism.”

He spoke on how all gifts must be received and accepted, and that the gift of holiness should not be squandered.

Pope Francis went on to exclaim that holiness is a journey “to be made together, helping each other, united with those excellent companions who are the Saints.”

“So, we can ask ourselves: do I remember having received the gift of the Holy Spirit, who calls me to holiness and helps me arrive there? Do I thank the Holy Spirit for this, for the gift of holiness? Do I feel that the saints are close to me, do I talk to them, do I turn to them? Do I know the story of some of them? It is good for us to know the lives of the saints and to be moved by their examples. And it does us a great deal of good to address them in prayer.”

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