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Street Patrol

Hunger is not only for a piece of bread but for love.

Homelessness is not only not having a home, but also about being rejected and unwanted.

Loneliness is a greater burden than hunger.

Mother Teresa

Watch Our Video!

A very special Christmas Street Patrol will be taking place on December 23rd @ 6:30 p.m. 

@ St.Patrick's Church, 131 McCaul Street

Please bring socks, gloves, scarves, hats, underwear, etc...  plus any small gifts such as toiletries, sweets, fresh fruit, etc...

Donations do NOT need to be gift wrapped.
Street Patrol would like to thank all of the parishes,
independent social justice groups, and the many individuals who participated on the Summer Street Patrol of 2019!

On behalf of the countless of homeless whom we fed and befriended:  Thank-You!
If you wish to continue helping the homeless during
the winter months, please contact the
"OUT OF THE COLD" program.
*the 25th edition*
resumes on Wednesday, July 8, 2020.


QUESTIONS? Please read FAQ for answers.


We are now booking LARGE Groups (groups of 12 people or more).

Individuals and Small Groups need NOT book Please participate whenever you wish!

please contact Lucio at



Dear friends,

I watched on, slightly amused, slightly insulted, as a homeless person spitted out a sandwich I had just handed him. He then began to cuss and swear: “What the @#$% is this @#$% you’re feeding me?” Well, it was an eggplant sandwich; an Italian delicacy. My new found friend was not impressed.

And so began my involvement with the homeless. Many summers of Street Patrol later, I have since learned a few things — like sticking to more “traditional” sandwiches. I have also experienced countless rewarding moments with those who were in need of my company, concern, and offer of food.

Street Patrol, too, has grown in the many years it has been running. What started out as a small group of dedicated volunteers walking the streets and handing out food to the homeless, has now become an organized, multi-parish effort committed to giving aid to the street people of our city. Our strength is God’s strength, our hearts a reflection of Jesus’ love for us.

This web site is designed to offer you as much information on Street Patrol as possible. Above, you will notice links to the following: Frequently Asked Questions; Guidelines; Gallery of Photos; Street Patrol Prayer; and a ten minute video produced by “Salt + Light Television” on Street Patrol.

The aim of this information is to reach Catholic groups/ associations/ movements/ clubs and parish communities, and to share with them the opportunity to join us on Street Patrol.

I personally continue to volunteer my time and effort because I know the real difference this program makes to the lives of the homeless and to the souls of our volunteers.

As chief organizer of this ministry, I am proud and honoured to welcome you to Saint Patrick’s Catholic Street Patrol.

Yours in Christ,

Lucio Abbruzzese
Street Patrol Organizer
(416) 738-9197